2020 marks the 100th season for Super Bowl! The history-making game will be held at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, on February 2. Super Bowl is often considered the last big event of the holiday season with Super Bowl parties across the country, and you can host an epic party right in your garage.  

If you need space for the big game, Tailored Living can help recapture valuable garage space

Watching the game from home is the norm for most people since attending Super Bowl is not on the radar with this year’s average ticket price at $13,076 and climbing (VividSeats.com)! Besides, who wants to fight all those airport and stadium crowds when you can enjoy the game and all the pre-game and post-game activities from the comfort of your couch? To get you up to speed on all things Super Bowl and give you some game-day trivia to amaze your friends, here are some interesting statistics:
  • The Super Bowl is the most-watched television broadcast in the United States every year and airs in 130 countries in 30 languages.
  • Last year’s game hosted 98.2 million viewers, with a record high of 114.4 million in 2015.
  • 30-second commercial spots are going for $5.5 to $5.6 MILLION, with last-minute bidding on primo time slots driving the price up to a possible $6 million.
  • Americans will eat over 1.3 billion chicken wings for Super Bowl LIV. (National Chicken Council)
  • 12.5 million pizzas will feed Super Bowl fans and 325 million gallons of beer will wash it down.
  • Domino’s Pizza drivers will log about four million delivery miles, the approximate equivalent to eight roundtrips to the moon. (Dominos.com)
  • Not surprisingly, 6% of Americans call in sick the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday. (FOX News)

Make your Super Bowl party an experience to remember

Getting friends together for the big game is the highlight of the sports year and preparations include buying the biggest TV possible and stockpiling snacks and drinks. If you have more friends than your living room can hold, think outside the main house and convert your garage into the perfect hangout for game day. Tailored Living® can help you whip your garage into shape with storage and organization solutions that will free up space for a game room or Man Cave and make you the neighborhood go-to for sporting fun. You’ll always get the best seat in the house and be first-up for some of those 1.3 billion hot wings!  

Imagine what you could do with all this newfound space in your custom, organized garage

  • Custom garage storage cabinets create secure storage space and keep everything hidden for a clean, streamlined look.
  • Overhead storage racks are ideal for seldom-used, seasonal, and bulky items to keep them out of the way until needed, including automated lifts for a smart garage.
  • Integrated countertops provide necessary workspace for tasks or hobbies, with convenient storage for tools in drawers, cabinets, and customizable Slatwall panels.
  • A custom garage floor creates a durable, safe surface for any activity and cleanup is always easy with the non-stick surface.
Once the garage is cleared out, you can transform the whole garage into functional living space or park the car in one-half and convert the other half for your ultimate Man Cave, clubhouse, game room, pub, kingdom … whatever you want to call it! Furnish your recaptured space with all the comforts you crave to make it truly your own: big screen TV with home theatre sound system, couches and recliners, food and drink stations, and your trophies and favorite sports memorabilia that’s been packed away in boxes.  

Enjoy the game in surroundings with no restrictions on noise and roughhousing

Food will fuel the fun

Along with the adrenaline rush of the game, food (and plenty of it) will fuel the good times. From appetizers to main dishes and desserts, your guests will have an unforgettable day if you add some unexpected treats alongside the traditional Super Bowl foods like chips, hot wings, and nachos. Here are some non-traditional twists on Super Bowl fare from foodnetwork.com and sugarspunrun.com to liven up the party and excite everyone’s taste buds.  

Fabulous food will ensure satisfied guests no matter who wins the game

Your home really is your castle

Entertaining at home should always be an enjoyable experience and maximizing your space to accommodate your style of entertaining is important. If you could use some help getting the most out of your home for entertaining and everyday comfort, call the professionals at Tailored Living for design solutions for your whole home. A customized media center can open up the family room by eliminating clutter, Murphy Beds make having overnight guests stress-free, and an organized pantry ensures you’ll have what you need on hand whenever it’s time to feed everyone. Call 866-641-8958 (US) or 866-973-8221 (CAN) today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to www.tailoredliving.com to find a designer near you.