Four Tips to Declutter Your Home Office for Improved Efficiency

If you work from home, you know how easy it is to suddenly find yourself working around piles or digging through clutter. Especially if your office space also serves another purpose like a TV room, guest bedroom or workout area. Not only are you dealing with all the paraphernalia of work, you’re contending with all […]

Home Office Interior Design Tips to Create a Space You Love to Work In

Working from home is one of those “it’s a blessing and it’s a curse” things.

The blessing: no commute, control of your time, dog at your feet, you can work in your jammies
The curse: distractions, need to be highly disciplined, big screen TV/swimming pool beckons, can get lonesome

If you do work from home, you […]

Custom Home Office Design Ideas to Get Organized

Everyone uses their office differently. Whether it is the kids’ homework area, the bill-paying room, the place where you work from home or all of the above, an efficient home office design should cater to your every need. With the right setup from Tailored Living, you will experience a more organized and efficient system where […]