Protect Your Shoes, Hats and Other Accessories for a Totally Organized Closet

Closet clutter can result from many things and accessories top the list. Like shoes, purses, hats, belts, scarves … all those “not real clothes” that are crucial to any well-dressed individual’s wardrobe. If your closet is looking jumbled, no doubt accessories are a big part of the problem.

Do you stumble over shoes to get […]

Got Shoes? Tips and Tricks for Storing Shoes and Hats in Your Closet

Most closets can master hanging clothes so they look neat and organized. Throw in a few (hundred) accessories like shoes, hats and purses and that can be the start of a messy closet. Accessories for both men and women can take up lots of space, although a woman’s love of shoes has become a celebrated […]

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Thinking Outside the (Shoe) Box on Storage

Even if you think you already have too many shoes, there’s a good chance you’re still plotting to buy more. While we’d all like to have the shoe collection of your average Hollywood A-lister, most of us are saddled with more down-to-earth budgets, and worse yet, nowhere to put them all.

So what do you do […]

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