Have Your Own Secret Room With These Hidden Walk-In Pantry Design Ideas

Hidden walk-in pantry designs have been gaining popularity over the past few years. Not only is a walk-in pantry the perfect space to store food and cookware, but a hidden pantry design enables a homeowner to utilize their space in ways they have never imagined.

The first step in creating a hidden walk-in pantry begins with […]

Top Home Organization Tips for the New Year

Like most of us, in-home organization is at the top of your New Year’s Resolution wish list, especially after the holidays!  Do you wish for even more storage solutions for Christmas decorations and all those gifts Santa showed up with?  Do you wish you had an entry way that could handle all your guest’s coats […]

Prepare Your Kitchen for Guests with a New Pantry Design in Time for the Holidays

Tired of spending valuable cooking time searching through piles of spices, ingredients, and that one can of dried tomatoes that you know you bought but can’t remember where you put it? If this sounds familiar, maybe it’s time to consider a new pantry design.

The kitchen and its surrounding area is often the hub of holiday […]

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Pantry Design Tips to Keep You Organized This Holiday Season

With so many friends and family members visiting your home this holiday season, it’s important to keep it looking fresh while staying functional. With the kitchen being such a common hub of home entertainment, smart pantry design can be the difference between perfect organization and complete hosting mayhem.

Tailored Living presents these home improvement tips for […]

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Promoting Health with an Organized Pantry

In “Essential Pantry Design Ideas for Organizing Your Home”,  we provided tips and tools for organizing a walk in pantry. But in smaller kitchens, the pantry’s contents must approach the bare necessities––those foods and kitchen items that directly contribute to you and your family’s well-being.

The pantry, lately, has received a bad reputation for its association […]

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Essential Pantry Design Ideas for Organizing Your Home

One of the biggest problems those with busy schedules encounter is a lack of time to prepare and enjoy freshly made food. When we buy premade food, eat out, or order in frequently, we not only miss out on the enormous health benefits of mindful cooking and consuming; we also forsake valuable moments that could […]

Get Ready for the Holidays with a New Kitchen Pantry Design

Every homeowner’s kitchen pantry design is different than the next. It may be different because of their diets or because they don’t cook a lot of meals. Each and every kitchen pantry design should be customized to organize the contents in a way that makes the most sense to whoever will be using the pantry […]

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