Holiday Gift Giving Made Easy For Him and For Her

Holiday gift giving can sometimes become the frustrating pursuit for the holy grail of presents. What should be a happy, fun occasion can become a grueling task by overthinking the process. The holidays present many gift-giving opportunities and finding just the right present for that special someone can drive you crazy if you let it. […]

Industry-Tough Custom Storage and Flooring Solutions for Your Commercial Business

One of the hot topics with commercial businesses is data storage and how to best manage, store and retrieve all your important documents, emails, audio files, graphics, and more. Options include flash memory thumb drives, external hard drives, online storage and “the Cloud.” That helps with all the “invisible” storage, but what about your company’s […]

Home Office Interior Design Tips to Create a Space You Love to Work In

Working from home is one of those “it’s a blessing and it’s a curse” things.

The blessing: no commute, control of your time, dog at your feet, you can work in your jammies
The curse: distractions, need to be highly disciplined, big screen TV/swimming pool beckons, can get lonesome

If you do work from home, you […]

Top 5 Tips to Make Your Summer Get Together a Smashing Success

Summertime means getting together with friends and family. Longer days and warm weather are natural catalysts for congregating, swimming, playing games and barbequing. Some people are born with a fully-realized hospitality gene and “Drop by anytime!” is instinctive for them, but most of us need some preparation before we’re ready to throw a summer get […]

Turn Your Home into a Big “I Love You” this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day is dedicated to all those decorating divas who take grief and teasing because of the time and effort they invest into turning their houses into comfortable, beautiful homes for their families.  You know who you are. You repeatedly hear things like:

Why can’t we have all black towels so they don’t show dirt?
I […]

Before You Commit Check Out What Your Home Office Design Will Look Like With Tailored Living’s 3D Design Software

For those that work from home there is an emotional yearning to create a work environment that motivates you to be productive, reduce stress, save time and money, and meet deadlines. The key to your success lies in the organization of your home office design and its overall layout. Once you have a space in […]

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3 Simple Tricks to Transform Your Home Office into Your Best Work Space

Whatever the type of work area you need, Tailored Living has several home office design ideas. Here are three simple tricks to transform your home office into your best work space.

A wraparound work station works well for those that need plenty of surface area to work on. The peninsula desk is a similar option. It mimics the […]

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11 Home Office Design Ideas for Two

An efficient home office design is the key to efficient workflow––especially when you share the space with your business partner or spouse.Besides the design of your office you will also probably want to make sure that you have the best broadband possible to make sure that you don’t have to wait ages for things to […]

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