Relax With The Perfect Holiday Pantry

There’s nothing more frustrating when in the flurry of cooking special treats for the holidays, you discover you don’t have all the ingredients you need. You can:

Cancel the recipe
Check online for a substitute ingredient
Make a trip to the store
Order in

None of these are desirable when you’re in the mood to whip […]

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Memorial Day: A Time of Remembrance and Celebration

The secret to Memorial Day is in its name. Initiated following the Civil War, it was originally called Decoration Day, designated to honor those who died in the war by decorating their graves. Still today, at Arlington National Cemetery, an American flag is placed on every single grave. After WWI, the holiday changed to honoring […]

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25 Tips for Getting Ready for Christmas and the Holidays

It’s never too late to get your celebration on! Persistent planners and organized people seem to move smoothly from one season to the next, but many of us continually play catch-up and are scurrying around to get everything done. At this point, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are only a few weeks away. Do you know […]

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