Storage Tips to Protect Your Favorite Holiday Decorations

After the holidays we face the inevitable “pack up all the decorations for another year.” Before you start grumping about how much you have to put away, consider this family’s task of putting away their elaborate holiday display.

Now, don’t you feel better?

Holiday lights and decorations do add a festive touch, and most of us […]

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Quick and Easy Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

Decorations add life to any celebration, yet every year as you hunt down the holiday decorations, that nagging little voice of your inner-Scrooge reminds you that the more you decorate, the more you have to put away. But don’t let that naysayer steal the joy of transforming your home into a holiday wonderland. These handy […]

Storage Solutions to Safely Store Holiday Decorations and Gift Wrap

Every year, along with January’s New Year’s resolutions, comes the dilemma of when the holiday decorations should come down. This varies from person-to-person and even region-to-region, since weather can impact the task of taking down outside decorations (as foreign as this may sound to Californians).

For some people, there‘s an unwritten law that if you don’t […]

Tips on How to Organize Your Garage for 2013

Organizing your home and garage doesn’t need to be a long drawn out hassle when you employ the use of Tailored Living. A home organization specialist will help you find the perfect organizational techniques that fit into your family’s lifestyle. Whether you are constantly on the go or you enjoy spending some relaxing time at […]