Garage Ideas to Create the Perfect “Girl Garage”

Yes, you read correctly…a Girl Garage. With a sizable percentage of households in the U.S. headed by women, it stands to reason that their garages should be Girl Garages! To discount all that lovely space because it’s historically been the realm of the male is very short-sighted. Instead of relegating a man-less garage to just […]

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Before and After: Tailored Living Garage Organization Capabilities

Have you ever wondered what your garage would look like if you had enough room to store all of your belongings in an organized fashion? Have you envisioned your dream garage but can’t convince yourself to tackle the overwhelming task of a garage organization project? Well it’s time to conquer your vexing garage fears and […]

Tips on How to Organize Your Garage for 2013

Organizing your home and garage doesn’t need to be a long drawn out hassle when you employ the use of Tailored Living. A home organization specialist will help you find the perfect organizational techniques that fit into your family’s lifestyle. Whether you are constantly on the go or you enjoy spending some relaxing time at […]