Incredible Garage Storage Ideas for a Complete Garage Makeover

Whether your toys are your sports equipment, your tools, your bikes, or your cars, they’re all stored in the garage most likely. Many of the things that keep us happiest live in this space, yet we seem to never fail to let that space fill with clutter.< These home improvement solutions we offer are meant to [...]

9 Different Ways to Configure Your Garage Organization to Fit Your Stuff and Your Car

The garage is such a multi-purposed space that it easily becomes one of the most disorganized rooms in a house. With our simple home improvement solutions recommended specifically for your garage, you can turn this cluttered unit into a functional, workable space. Or perhaps you just want to use your garage space for your vehicle, […]

Tailored Living Featured on NBC’s George to the Rescue

After enlisting in the Marine Corps in 2002, Corporal Watson completed the rigors of Corps training and was deployed to Iraq to proudly serve his country. Assigned to the 3rd Battalion 5th Marines, Watson was the Vehicle Commander for a Heavy Machine Gun/Anti-Armor Weapons Team, an integral unit for combing enemy territory and keeping ground […]

Create a Mudroom in Your Garage

The garage is the perfect space to create an ideal mudroom design if you don’t have enough space inside the home; sometimes it’s even better in the garage because you won’t have to track any filth inside! There are certain elements in a mudroom that make it what it is; you could say that these […]

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