Garage Ideas to Take Control of Clutter

Clutter means different things to different people. For some, clutter may just be a “lived-in” look, for others (like hoarders and teenagers) there is no such thing as clutter, and then there’s the minimalist who needs clear surfaces and one stray dish qualifies as clutter.

Clutter is also disorder, chaos and untidiness, and garages are […]

9 Different Ways to Configure Your Garage Organization to Fit Your Stuff and Your Car

The garage is such a multi-purposed space that it easily becomes one of the most disorganized rooms in a house. With our simple home improvement solutions recommended specifically for your garage, you can turn this cluttered unit into a functional, workable space. Or perhaps you just want to use your garage space for your vehicle, […]

Garage Storage Solutions: Custom Overhead Storage, Garage Shelving and Gridwall Racks

The garage is a space with enormous potential that often turns into a cluttered mess. The difference between disorder and functionality is as simple as implementing one of Tailored Living’s many garage storage solutions.  The secret is in the details!  Follow these recommendations from Tailored Living’s professional organizers to revive the old garage into a […]

Tips on How to Organize Your Garage for 2013

Organizing your home and garage doesn’t need to be a long drawn out hassle when you employ the use of Tailored Living. A home organization specialist will help you find the perfect organizational techniques that fit into your family’s lifestyle. Whether you are constantly on the go or you enjoy spending some relaxing time at […]