Winterize Your Garage with a Custom Garage Floor

Official calendars declare that winter doesn’t arrive until December 21, but if you look outside and see snow, rain, and dogs in snow gear, you know that it’s time to winterize your home and garage!

It’s true that a winterized, organized garage, even if it’s a prefab garage, can help you and your family live more […]

Welcome Day Light Saving Time with a Garage Makeover

Daylight Saving Time (DST) is supposed to give us more daylight hours to enjoy. Of course, it doesn’t create more hours of daylight, it just shifts the daylight around. But not everyone is a fan.

Proponents of DST say an extra hour of sunshine in the evening motivates people to get out of the house […]

Incredible Garage Storage Ideas for a Complete Garage Makeover

Whether your toys are your sports equipment, your tools, your bikes, or your cars, they’re all stored in the garage most likely. Many of the things that keep us happiest live in this space, yet we seem to never fail to let that space fill with clutter.< These home improvement solutions we offer are meant to [...]