Turn Your Home into a Big “I Love You” this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day is dedicated to all those decorating divas who take grief and teasing because of the time and effort they invest into turning their houses into comfortable, beautiful homes for their families.  You know who you are. You repeatedly hear things like:

Why can’t we have all black towels so they don’t show dirt?
I […]

Winterize Your Garage for More Comfortable Living

How many times have you gone out to the garage, rubbing your hands together and blowing on them for warmth while you hunted for something you needed? Garages can be daunting at the best of times and especially trying during the winter when it’s so cold out there! So regardless of where you live […]

Organizing by Seasons: Tips and Tricks to Easy & Efficient Garage Storage

Stowing and retrieving decorations, sports equipment, seasonal gear, and other items that are only used at certain points throughout the year can be a complicating and annoying task if your belongings are difficult to get to. One way to make this a much easier process is to organize your items by season and usage. Once […]

Store Your Seasonal Belongings Easily with Functional Garage Organization Solutions

The holiday season is a magical time, beautiful white snow on the ground, everyone in happy spirits, and friends and family gathering to share in each other’s good company. But despite the holiday cheer, it is also the time of year where husbands and wives find themselves wrestling the holiday decorations down from the attic, […]

15 Ways to Create More Space in Your Garage and Organize for the Holidays

It’s almost holiday season again. Is your home prepared?

Consider these simple pieces of advice for making the most out of your garage organization and mudroom design this winter.

Use traditional or powder coated garage cabinets to keep soiled snow clothes and accessories out of the house, but away from dust and pests.
Store empty travel luggage and […]

3 Garage Storage Cabinet Ideas for Maximum Organization and Style

If you’re looking to transform your typical garage into one that’s aesthetically attractive and functionally sound, Tailored Living, the exclusive distributor of PremierGarage®, is the ideal solution for your home. Our unique garage cabinets have the obvious benefit of making it easier to store and find items like tools, sporting equipment, and gardening supplies, but […]

9 Different Ways to Configure Your Garage Organization to Fit Your Stuff and Your Car

The garage is such a multi-purposed space that it easily becomes one of the most disorganized rooms in a house. With our simple home improvement solutions recommended specifically for your garage, you can turn this cluttered unit into a functional, workable space. Or perhaps you just want to use your garage space for your vehicle, […]

Before and After: Tailored Living Garage Organization Capabilities

Have you ever wondered what your garage would look like if you had enough room to store all of your belongings in an organized fashion? Have you envisioned your dream garage but can’t convince yourself to tackle the overwhelming task of a garage organization project? Well it’s time to conquer your vexing garage fears and […]

Tailored Living Featured on NBC’s TODAY Show

Tailored Living® will showcase their expertise in the garage once again on NBC’s the TODAY show, airing Tuesday, September 18th on NBC.

The 10:00AM ET/PT segment featuring a realistic setup of garage cabinets and grid wall designed by Tailored Living will focus on how to best accessorize your garage. With cooler months ahead for most parts […]