Seven Tips to Declare Your Independence from Clutter This Fourth of July

Every Fourth of July we celebrate America’s birthday and the glorious freedoms we enjoy living in the land of the free.  Celebrations take the form of barbeques, parades, speeches, neighborhood gatherings and fireworks displays that light up the night.

While most celebrations focus on the bigger picture of independence, if you find yourself unwillingly living under […]

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Garage Ideas to Take Control of Clutter

Clutter means different things to different people. For some, clutter may just be a “lived-in” look, for others (like hoarders and teenagers) there is no such thing as clutter, and then there’s the minimalist who needs clear surfaces and one stray dish qualifies as clutter.

Clutter is also disorder, chaos and untidiness, and garages are […]

Organize Your Closet by Eliminating Closet Clutter

When was the last time you looked for something in your bedroom closet you KNOW is there, yet you couldn’t find it? A week ago…yesterday…this morning?

It’s certainly not a unique experience; closets are notorious for losing things! Overstuffed and jumbled closets can gobble up things faster than you can say, “I don’t have anything to […]

How to Get an Entryway Design Tailored for You

Seven Questions with Tailored Living’s Home Organization Specialist, Scott Barnes
Scott Barnes, Tailored Living business support representative and franchisee, took the time to speak with us about his approach to creating the best entryway for your home. Read on to get great tips from an industry professional with years of home organization experience!

TL: What are the […]