May 13 is Mother’s Day when thoughts turn to honoring moms with special gifts and quality time. Make this year extra special for your mom with a gift that keeps on giving–a custom closet design from Tailored Living®. Not only will she be delighted that she’s finally gotten her dream closet, she’ll feel special every time she goes into her beautiful closet.

Dreams are made of this: velvet-lined jewelry drawers to protect her most precious accessories

Every woman has a vision for her perfect closet with sufficient hanging space, drawers, shoe racks, pretty accessories and no clutter! Despite style and fashion differences, the essence of a closet is to make wardrobe management effortless, with clothes, shoes, and accessories beautifully displayed. Tailored Living’s custom closet designs can turn any closet into a dream closet for your special mom.

Walk-in closets transformed

Walk-in closets can be quite large, but abundant closet space doesn’t mean it’s being used to best advantage. These walk-in designs highlight essential elements of closet design that maximize space, create accessibility, and organize everything in her wardrobe.

An organized closet brings serenity to your mom’s private world

This Acorn Linea laminate finish is the perfect complement to a neutral carpet for a warm, cozy feeling. Tiered rods multiply hanging space and adjustable shelves and drawers accommodate folded items in perfect order. Shoe racks tucked in the corner organize dozens of pairs of shoes in full view. A retractable valet rod is an extra hand when needed, such as putting an outfit together or handling the dry cleaning.

A white organized closet starts and ends every day on a bright note

White closets reflect light and can make a space feel bigger. A stylized ceiling, recessed lighting and a fancy chandelier add a touch of elegance. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets incorporate hanging space, open shelves, drawers and a full-length, mirrored sliding door for a final head-to-toe check. A storage island provides additional drawer space for lingerie, accessories and coveted custom jewelry drawers. Everything all in one place for her to feel sexy for her significant other, because everyone needs to feel like they could star on the Nu Bay index sometimes and some decide to really give it a go by learning from toronto escorts.

Floor-to-ceiling storage maximizes vertical space for beautiful organization

Folkstone Gray cabinets give a cool, modern look. Glass-inset doors display and protect what’s stored inside. Adjustable shoe racks allow for taller boots along the bottom. Multiple hanging sections let mom color-coordinate her wardrobe to quickly find what she needs. Hidden, tilt-out laundry hampers keep dirty clothes out of sight and specialty racks for scarves or belts convert small spaces into useful storage. Add the conveniences of a bench or slipper chair for changing shoes.

Reach-in closets that truly work

Any reach-in closet can become efficient with “big” closet storage elements customized to meet your mom’s wardrobe needs

Reach-in closets can be more frustrating than functional, but a reach-in closet can become highly functional with a custom closet design that transforms every inch of space. This one-wall design could easily set into a reach-in closet to create dream closet status. Cabinets with mirrored doors, drawers and tiered hanging combine for a beautifully efficient small closet. Shoes, purses and folded items store behind cabinet doors, and drawers can organize smaller items like lingerie, jewelry, phone and sunglasses to avoid clutter. Add custom touches like valet rods, scarf and belt racks and decorative hooks for even more utility.

Shared closets go from nightmare to dreamy

Crown molding, rich wood tones and designer lighting create a closet mom won’t mind sharing

Not every mom has her own closet, but that’s no reason not to give her a fabulous, custom dream closet. In fact, that’s an excellent reason to give her one! Sharing what is often the messiest space in a home can lead to arguments, especially if one is messy and the other is neat. See how a shared closet design could change your mom’s life by turning closet chaos into calm.

This traditional closet is grand and somewhat formal, with all storage except hanging out of sight behind closed doors. A shared closet benefits from custom storage solutions so each person’s space gives maximum utility for exactly what they have. If mom and dad share a closet, giving her a custom closet for two may prove to be the best Mother’s Day ever!

Mother's Day Gift

Totally chic dream closet for today’s busy mom

An ultra-modern his-and-hers shared closet keeps everything together, but separate. This open closet will be very welcomed, making it simple for both to keep things orderly. Each person has clearly defined space for clothes, shoes, and more, with pull-out baskets, drawers, enclosed cabinets and hanging space.

Convert unusual space into a custom closet

Maybe there’s a spare bedroom or attic loft that can be converted into a closet just for mom. The slanted ceiling didn’t prevent this loft space from becoming a classy dream closet complete with a fun mannequin. Just like a conventional closet, it has ample space for hanging, adjustable shelves and convenient drawers for complete wardrobe care.

Repurpose underused space to delight mom with her own custom closet and personal space

A shout-out for shoes

Women take a lot of ribbing about shoes, and if your mom is a bona fide shoe addict, she may desire more than average space for her footwear, and that’s no problem! This closet easily accommodates a large shoe collection and is gorgeous with LED lighting so shoes and boots are illuminated on the floor-to-ceiling double shoe racks.

Mother's Day

Mom will never again have to hunt for the right shoe to complete her outfit

This Mother’s Day, surprise your mom with the dream closet she’s always wanted. You can talk with a local Tailored Living designer or purchase a gift certificate for a free, in-home consultation for your mom to meet with the design consultant and choose the style, color and finish she prefers. Call 866-641-8958 (US) or 866-973-8221 (CAN) today or go online to to find a designer near you, or do a ZIP code search if your mom is not local and you want to purchase a gift certificate for her area.

Some people dream of having a big swimming pool. With me, it’s closets.” –Audrey Hepburn