Make Mother’s Day Memorable with the Gift of Organization

On Mother’s Day, sweet words flow like milk and honey and moms across the country will be basking in the glow of appreciation on their special day from gifts and cards that speak love. But not everyone is comfortable with “warm hug” declarations like, “My mother is a walking miracle” (Leonardo DiCaprio), and the search is on for the perfect gift to express how you feel about Mom.

Dinner out, jewelry and flowers are some of the top choices for Mother’s Day gifts. This year, why not give a gift to ensure that her feelings of appreciation can be experienced every day? Tailored Living’s® whole home organization specialists can help you pinpoint the area of life where the beauty of organization can say “Happy Mother’s Day” in a beautifully tangible way. Change your mom’s life by creating calm out of chaos, wherever it may be: closets, pantry, laundry room, bedrooms, storage spaces or the garage. Bring order to her world and a smile to her face with custom, innovative storage and organization solutions that will elevate you to favorite child status.

Rock her Mother's Day with a custom closet organization system
Rescue mom once and for all from the dreaded, “I have nothing to wear!” with a closet personalized to her style and needs. With cabinets, shelves, drawers and more, she can manage her clothes, shoes and accessories so that every morning is the start of a really good day.
Organize and protect her jewelry
Velvet-lined jewelry drawers will protect rings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, watches and earrings. Organize by casual or dressy, silver or gold, costume or fine jewelry and it will be easy to accessorize for any occasion. One can never have too much jewelry … hint, hint!
Custom shoe racks for exquisite shoe storage
Shoes are a big part of any woman’s wardrobe, and being able to grab the right pair cuts down on time spent dressing and the frustration of not finding what’s wanted, or discovering that the dog has chewed a heel. As Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”
Pantry magic to make mom smile
Moms who love to cook will be delighted with a custom pantry cabinet that organizes all their gadgets and exotic ingredients. Moms who hate to cook will also appreciate the ease with which they can accomplish the dreaded task in the least amount of time. An organized pantry is a win/win!
Laundry doesn't have to be a dirty word
Custom laundry room design is an on-going Mother’s Day gift when the whole family helps with the laundry. Enclosed cabinets keep laundry products out of sight, pull-out laundry baskets hide dirty clothes and countertops provide space to sort and fold. This much organization lets everyone pitch in so mom has time to relax.
Give mom some personal space just for fun
Crafters and sewers need space for their projects and creating a crafts/sewing/reading room may be the perfect gift. She can close the door on everyday demands and transport to her happy place for creative or restful time to suit her mood.
Make work a pleasure with a custom home office
If your mom works from home, a custom office that hides clutter and presents a calm atmosphere will definitely make work enjoyable. She can also manage home accounts and schedules from the comfort of her office, decorated with her favorite things and everything close at hand.
Make the garage total mom-friendly
Carve out a corner in the garage for a potting bench and Slatwall panels tool storage for the gardening mom. Gardening is relaxing when your tools, soil amendments, seeds, plant food and other necessities are handy. Organization will maximize every minute in the sun, resulting in bountiful flower and vegetable gardens.
Give her a She Shed for a backyard retreat
Build mom a She Shed for a peaceful escape from the noise and hurry of life. Custom built-in cabinets and shelves can transform any storage shed into a calm dream hideaway. This window seat is one example of what can be done in a small space or even a spare bedroom transformation.
A Gift Certificate always fits
A Tailored Living Gift Certificate may be the catalyst for your mom to create the perfect haven for herself--a custom closet with personalized accessories, a chef’s pantry, an organized laundry room, a garage gardening bench or a backyard retreat She Shed for some very quiet time.

We can help make this the best Mother’s Day ever with innovative storage solutions to make your mom’s life easier. Our whole home organization capabilities mean we can transform any area of the home or garage, implementing organization that could change the way you live in your space. This Mother’s Day, give mom the serenity that comes with a calm and orderly home. Call 866-641-8958 (US) or 866-973-8221 (CAN) today or go online to to find a designer near you, or do a ZIP code search if your mom is not local and you want to purchase a gift certificate for her area.