Another year is drawing to a close and a fresh new year beckons on January 1. Everyone is evaluating 2019 with an eye to making the New Year even better by implementing desired changes. Not surprisingly, the top New Year’s resolutions seem to remain the same year after year, illuminating the human condition. Which of these resolutions will make your list?
  1. Get fit (exercise more, lose weight, stop drinking or smoking)
  2. Get organized
  3. Learn a new skill or hobby
  4. Save more money/spend less money
  5. Live life to the fullest (more time with family and friends, travel, read)

Getting organized in the new year is an attainable goal with the right mindset and storage solutions

If getting organized is your hot button this year, Tailored Living® can help with getting every aspect of your life organized from installing custom storage and organization solutions for closets and garages to tips for getting through each day more stress-free and organized. Organized simply means orderly and efficient, not necessarily OCD, and you can get and stay organized with planning, preparation, and consistency.

Start your day with an organized morning

For a good morning, start the night before. Organized people always keep a calendar, either on a phone, iPad, or paper appointment book so there are no surprises. Check it at night to see what the next day holds and do any necessary things you can ahead of time, so the morning doesn’t jam up with tasks that can gobble up time and make you late — always a bad start to the day.
  • Get cash at the ATM and fill the car with gas.
  • Recharge your phone if the battery’s low.
  • Pack lunches in advance.
  • Select your outfit for the next day, including shoes and accessories.
  • Assemble what you need for meetings, work, birthdays or social events (locating the card and wrapping a present in the morning is guaranteed to set you back big time!)
  • Put purse, briefcase, car keys, phone and all else together in the entryway or other exit point.
Routines help mornings go more smoothly and ensure you won’t forget something important like feeding the dog if you lose track of time. Create a realistic schedule to accommodate what needs to happen in the mornings and stick to it.
  • Alarm goes off at a consistent time.
  • Factor in time to deal with pets who need their own morning routine of feeding, walking or going outside.
  • Whether getting ready means a five-minute shower or a 20-minute high-impulse shower to fully be awake, factor in the necessary time and have shampoo, hair gel, and makeup essentials available.
  • No morning indecisive fashion shows of what to wear; with a closet organization system you’ll get dressed faster when you can see what’s in the closet.
  • Keep favorite breakfast foods on hand or build in the time necessary to swing by your favorite coffee house.
  • With everything you need assembled the night before, you won’t lose time looking for keys, cell phone or change in the couch cushions; you just scoop it all up and you’re out the door!

A custom entryway designed for your family’s needs will ensure that everyone gets out on time in the mornings with what they need for the day

An ounce of prevention surpasses any cure

Life is unpredictable and days don’t always go as planned. Meetings cancel, problems arise, family issues come up, or even an extra-special opportunity presents itself that you don’t want to miss. Any one of these can send a day into a tailspin, but an organized lifestyle can often save the day by having what you need where you need it.
  • Have current car registration and insurance verification in the glove box.
  • Same for dry cleaning claim checks or lottery tickets; keep them in the car so they’re handy.
  • Keep medical insurance cards with you, not buried in a file at home (however, having copies in a file is a good safeguard in case cards get lost).
  • Have current contact information in your phone for the important people in your life, including doctors, kids’ friends, school office, associates, babysitter, and any emergency numbers.
  • Cash on hand eliminates using credit cards for minor purchases like an iced latte and saves the day if your only option for refreshment is a vending machine during the day or for a late night “dinner” at the office if you have to work late.
  • Use a wallet to organize and protect cash and all medical, credit, and membership cards and return them to the wallet rather than randomly stuffing them into a pocket or purse. That can pretty much guarantee lost or damaged cards or cash.

Embrace organization in your home

A positive step toward getting organized is implementing custom storage solutions throughout your home, creating a clutter-free atmosphere. It’s a proven fact that clutter and chaos can impact physical and mental health in a negative manner. Conversely, organization can instill peace of mind, impacting physical and mental health in a positive manner. Gaining control of your living spaces will empower you to maintain an orderly life as you experience the benefits of organization every day.
  • Closet organization systems will structure each closet to the user’s preferences and make it easier to stay organized with easily accessible space for everything, including clothes, shoes, and accessories.
  • Custom built-ins like Murphy Beds, window seats, entertainment centers, linen closets, and hallway cabinets can maximize space and hide unsightly clutter behind closed doors.
  • Custom pantry design makes it easier to maintain all the foods your family loves as well as streamlining meal preparation and grocery shopping.
  • Conquer laundry day frustration with an organized laundry room that speeds up the process and frees up time for other activities.
  • Make work efficient and pain free with a home office designed for the way you work.
  • An organized garage including cabinets, hanging storage, and a tough custom garage floor that protects and beautifies can change your life. Park the cars, create a game room or home gym, and safely store all your possessions, knowing exactly where everything is.

Getting and staying organized in 2020 is easier with custom storage solutions designed for the way you live

It’s true that organization doesn’t just happen. Like any system, you have to work it to make it effective. Develop habits that contribute to organized living, such as those mentioned above, and put custom storage and organization solutions from Tailored Living in place that make it easier to keep that resolution to get organized and make it your new normal. Call 866-641-8958 (US) or 866-973-8221 (CAN) today or go online to to find a designer near you who can help set you up for success in the new year. Happy New Year from Tailored Living!