Home organization addresses everything from the junk drawer in the kitchen to the totality of the garage…no mess too big, no mess too small! However, taking on the WHOLE HOUSE at one time can be too big a task. The idea of “baby steps” (from the classic comedy, What About Bob?) is a good idea for tackling any big project–break it down into manageable steps as an efficient way to effect the change you want to see.

So, what do you want to change in your home by getting it organized?

  • Problematic pantry
  • Lackluster laundry room
  • Horrific home office

Tailored Living® designers have mastered storage and organization for all areas of the home, including pantries, laundry rooms, home offices, entryways and more. They will come to your home and help you realize the full potential of your space to enhance your family’s everyday living.

Get inspired with these pantry organization ideas, home office designs and laundry room storage solutions and take some baby steps to start getting organized!

Capture all usable space
Whether a small alcove, closet or a full walk-in pantry, converting vertical space to storage will give you the pantry of your dreams. Shelves, cabinets and drawers create organized space with a place for everything you need to store, from appliances (A) to zucchini (Z).
Specialty racks
Specialty racks for spices and wine give a gourmet feel to your pantry, and keep them properly stored away from direct sunlight. No more misplaced spices and your favorite wines are stored horizontally to preserve the flavor. (Wine likes to be cool, in the dark and still.)
Time-saving efficiency
Setting up a place in the pantry for your cleaning supplies makes quick work of housework. The whole family knows where the mops, brooms, rags and cleaners are for mopping up messy spills or doing regular, deep-down cleaning chores.
Keep snacks and treats within easy reach
Custom pantry organization with baskets and pull-out drawers keeps snacks available for family members to serve themselves. Ideal for keeping school lunch items accessible and it’s easy to see when the supply is getting low.
Keep laundry centralized
A maximized laundry room means the rest of the house is spared the clutter of laundry day. With hanging racks, folding space, cabinets to hold clean, folded clothes and a pull-down ironing board, laundry chores stay contained in one area.
Hidden storage looks beautiful
Keeping dirty clothes out of sight is easy with custom pull-out hampers behind cabinet doors. A hamper per-person or community hampers for whites, darks, towels, etc., eliminates unsightly piles of clothes and keeps your laundry room neat as a pin.
Fully functional home office
Home office design captures vertical storage space with custom cabinets so all the office clutter is hidden. An integrated desktop and pedestal desk provide two work spaces, bathed in natural light. Could there possibly be a Murphy Bed in the tall cabinets to the left?
Efficiency in small spaces
Size really doesn’t matter! A custom home office incorporates all the storage and amenities needed for an efficient work space in a small space. This home office could enhance a bedroom or family room, and it’s perfect for getting some serious work or homework done.
The big corner office
If you have the space, you can have a home office to rival anything on Wall Street! This impressive home office boasts marble countertops, a peninsula desk and cabinets with crown molding in an exquisite Mahogany Italia glaze finish. The sky’s the limit on design!
Personalize your space
Custom office design gives you options, including colors and finishes, six drawer front styles, hardware choices, glass-inset doors, integrated LED lighting, decorative molding, adjustable shelves, pull-out bins, computer trays and more. Make your space fully functional and totally you.
Contemporary home office design
Two work stations and two wood tones create a contemporary feel for this light and airy modern home office. Each user has ample individual storage and work space to work either independently or easily collaborate, so there’s no excuse for slacking off!
Dual-purpose home office and guest room
Adding a Murphy Bed to your custom home office design will ensure you have a comfortable guest room when company comes. Hidden in a beautiful cabinet to match your décor, the bed folds up out of sight until you need it.
Keep a neat and clean entryway
A custom entryway designed around the specific needs of your family will keep everyone tracking as they come and go. Hooks, cubbies and cabinets keep possessions organized and easy to find instead of lost in piles on couches and bedroom floors.

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