You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

No one is sure who first uttered these words of wisdom, but they’ve been quoted for decades, in all kinds of situations. And it’s true, first impressions are important for setting the tone in any new relationship. First impressions carry weight…consider  the attention you give to dressing for a blind date or a job interview.

Equally important is the impression the entryway to your home makes on your guests.When the door opens, what do they see?

  • A cluttered floor
  • Piles on a chair or console table
  • A dark, empty foyer

If you have not made an effort to make your entryway inviting, it may not present a good introduction to the rest of your home. Instead of making a good first impression, you entryway may be sending out negative vibes. Tailored Living® can help you with entryway and mudroom design that will be functional and beautiful, with innovative storage ideas, including using color, lighting, art and stylish design to put a welcoming face on your home!

Additionally, a functional entryway means a place for guests to hang coats, and family members will have much smoother comings and goings with sufficient organization to manage all their own things. Whether your entryway is small or large, you’ll be amazed at how personalized, custom storage solutions  will organize backpacks, laptops, jackets, books, purses, shoes, boots and more, making home a more welcoming experience for everyone.

Combine style and function:
Let your entryway reflect your good taste; choose cabinetry, color and decorative hardware that make a statement about who you are. This contemporary black and white design creates a very sophisticated entryway that says, “Come right in and make yourself comfortable.”
Kid-friendly entryway design:
For an entryway to be truly effective, it should be designed with all family members in mind, providing low-level storage and organization that kids can easily reach. Low hooks, cubbies and drawers will ensure kids can manage their own possessions and not default to dropping things on the floor.
Customize color and design:
Tailored Living has style, color and finish options to match any home’s décor. Your entryway will be resplendent in real wood stains or laminate and Italia finishes in delicious colors, including Caramel Apple, Cocoa, Mahogany and Antique White, to name just a few.
Capture valuable vertical storage space:
Entryway storage involves more than hanging coats and scarves. “Going up” creates lots of space for books, purses, hats, laptops, lunch bags and more.
Small entryway with a big impact:
Even a small entryway can offer function and fashion. A bright color on the walls and decorative hooks provide hanging for hats, coats, backpacks and more. Add a small table to hold keys, mail and packages and your entryway is neat, inviting and free of clutter.
The garage entryway:
When a main entrance point is through the garage, a custom entryway integrated with garage storage cabinets will prevent clutter from entering the house and keep your garage organized as well. Jackets, sports equipment and grimy shoes can be quickly stored and easily retrieved when needed.
Space for every family member:
While you’re planning out individual space for everyone, don’t forget the dog. A basket or cubby to hold leashes, sweaters, doggie treats, disposal bags and towels for muddy feet will streamline the process of walking the dog by having necessities close at hand.
Large families need large mudrooms:
No worry here about uniforms, sports equipment and school books ending up in the main house. Lots of individual hanging space and storage ensures that everyone can “file away” any mess in this custom mudroom before going in, and find all their gear on the way out.
Design you can rely on:
Tailored Living’s proprietary 3D D’Vinci design software will let you see your entryway or mudroom design exactly how it will look. You can change colors and add cabinet doors, hooks, drawers, benches and shelves until you settle on the perfect plan for your family’s needs.

If your entryway or mudroom needs a complete overhaul or just some sprucing up, now is the perfect time for a Tailored Living custom design to maximize your space for functionality and a fabulous new look. Call 866-641-8958 (US) or 866-973-8221 (CAN) today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to to find a designer near you. Our Summer Savings Event (through September 30) will save you money on a new entryway or any other home storage and organization solution, including custom closets, home offices, laundry rooms, pantries, garage storage cabinets, garage flooring and more.

For more entryway design ideas check out Utilizing Unusual Space: the Entryway and Design an Efficient and Charming Entryway for Winter.