Get Organized in 2015 with Storage Solutions and Color Inspiration from Tailored Living

Every year during New York Fashion Week, we get a look at what’s ahead for the New Year with fashion trends, colors and styles. Designers proudly reveal their closely-guarded fashion secrets–the fabulous to the fanciful. Everything you see may not be your cup of tea, but new designs and ideas are inspiring and you can […]

Have Additional Sleeping Space When You Need It with a Murphy Bed

Most of us live in all of our space. We use every room and nook and cranny to accommodate our full and busy lives. Now with the holiday season upon us, we may be feeling the squeeze as we bring additional people into our homes, such as your favorite aunt who always over packs, or […]

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Create a Comfortable, Gracious Guest Room to Delight Your Guests

Have you ever visited someone and wished you’d stayed at a hotel instead of their home because your accommodations were so uncomfortable and inadequate? Yes, visits are about spending time with people, but at the end of the day, you really want a nice place to sleep and you don’t want to be living out […]

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Update your Home Office Design to Better Accommodate yourself AND your Holiday Guests

It’s that time of the year again – the holiday season. Where friends and relatives make common appearances at your home and sometimes stay for extended periods of time. This year, instead of having them use the same worn out air mattress, why not try surprising them with a new home office design complete with […]

The Best Places in Your Home for a Murphy Bed

However much you may want to, it can be impossible to invite friends and family to stay over for the holidays if you don’t have a place to put them up. Maybe you converted your old guest room into a home office, or maybe your son is home from college and he needs his room […]

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How to Get Your Home Ready for Extra Guests During the Holiday Season

One of the greatest joys of the holiday season is reuniting with friends and family from around the country and even the world. As we prepare our priority destinations and plane reservations this October, it’s important to also prepare our own homes for accommodating loved ones.

If you’re short on space this holiday season, a custom […]

Three Ways to Use a Murphy Bed in Your House

Murphy bed is the perfect combination of form and function for any homeowner who wants to make the most out of their available space. There are many different situations where a murphy bed could be the best and most viable option to create space and add extra living and sleeping areas to your home all at the same […]

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A Murphy Bed can Turn any Room into a Guest Bedroom

Planning on hosting guests or family this summer? If so, then you are likely trying to figure out the best sleeping arrangements for guests who will be staying overnight in your humble abode. One of the best ways to transform an existing home office, spare room, study, or even dining room into a guest room […]

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The Magic of Murphy Beds

Let’s face it, space is precious and more often than not, we just don’t have enough of it! When it comes to creating multipurpose rooms in our homes, a common obstacle is finding space for a bed. Whether it’s twin or king-sized, any bed will dominate the room, limiting its functionality and decor. Sofa beds, […]

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How to Accommodate More Guests without Sacrificing Space with a Murphy Bed

The holiday season is quickly approaching and at this time of year, most often relatives will visit from all over. It is a time of jovial events, delicious food, great company, and long nights. This year when the relatives come to stay at your house, put them up in style with the comfort and ease […]

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